Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Things Are So Much Better When They're Free

I finished my work experience at The Phoenix Partners about three weeks ago, but today they posted a blog post that I wrote for them on their website.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

We All Knew John Terry Liked Scoring At The Bridge, But This Is Ridiculous!

After reading the stories in the newspapers over the past week about John Terry I'm surprised he still hasn't come out and talked about the situation.

I do understand it is a very hard situation for him to deal with and overcome, I'm not saying people cheating on their wives is acceptable but if you are going to do it you don't do it with your team mates girlfriend!

I think he deserves all the criticism he's getting right now as what he has done is unacceptable and I'm glad he has been sacked as England captain! There is no way he can gain the respect he previously had from any of the England team after what he's done.

He has hired PR expert Phil Hall, the former News of The World editor to try and deal with the crisis. But what is Phil Hall actually doing? It seems to me that he has done absolutely nothing in helping Terry as he still hasn't made any comments on his affair with Wayne Bridge's ex girlfriend. Even though I'm no PR expert I'm sure common sense would be for Terry to apologise for his actions and apologise to all his fans and tell them how he has made a big mistake.

After reading a blog post by Phil Hall, commenting about Tiger Woods and the crisis he was faced with, he said that it was essential to "tell your side of the story - quickly, honestly and accurately", rather than "cower behind bland statements". He goes on to say, "On every main principle of crisis management, Woods and his team failed". Now that's a bit rich coming from him, what has he done differently from what Woods' team did? Hall needs to take on his own advice he gave for Woods and use it for Terry if he wants to handle the crisis in the best way possible.

It sounds like Hall has had an easy job so far in advising Terry how to handle the crisis as all he would have said to him is "keep quiet" but there's going to come a point when he has to respond and in my opinion the sooner the better.

One thing I'm sure Hall won't be able to do is find a way for jokes like this to stop - Ashley Cole was caught doing 105 mph in a 50 zone. When asked by police why he was speeding he said "I have just heard John Terry's car is parked outside my house".